The Best Way To Inspire Change Is To Be It

if it were your child-you would want us to help!

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When life doesn't go the way we planned, things can get tough.  The average teenager is on the streets for 8760 hours.  We are asking our "Sleep Out" participants to get a small glimpse (12 hours) of what these young people have to face daily.

Without "Essential Funds" we are not able to help as many teens as we would hope to.  Your donations are critical to the life of a homeless person. By supporting the cause with your generous donation (of any size), collectively, we can help change the life of a teenager by offering a safe place to sleep, clothing, food, education, transportation, medical needs, direction and a life plan.

Donate to a sleep out participants campaign

Thank you for visiting our site and honoring the sacrifice of a "Sleep Out" participant.  You many donate to the participant on this page by simply clicking the donate button and putting their name in the "memo line"  or you can click here: PARTICIPANT SPOTLIGHT and find their picture. Regardless, the donation will be registered to their "Sleep Out" effort. 

Did you know there are more than 4 million homeless teenagers in America? Our focus with this campaign is to impact the State of Georgia by hopefully eradicating homelessness here.  

where do these Essential funds go?

By joining our states biggest sleep out, you help us bring awareness to the fight against homelessness.  Funds raised this year go directly to the cause!  

These funds go to essential  homeless programs and services:

They fund street rescue and staff, they help pick up teens and their babies from the streets, they provide a safe clean, warm bed, they provide clothing, food, counseling, employment and job placement, education, childcare and a surrogate family.  These funds change lives the minute the teenager comes in.  

Can you imagine being alone, feeling lost and without a purpose? The Great American Sleep Out Project, a nonprofit effort through ALM, changes and challenges teens to live their best life NOW!