The Best Way To Inspire Change Is To Be It

02-20-20 Kick Off

All across Georgia beginning February 20th 2020 one of the greatest act of charity is going to happen... and we want it to happen through you!

Thousands of teens will know you love them because of a simple act of charity...

YOU sleeping OUT so they can sleep IN. Thus, the Great American Sleep Out!

Help us bring social awareness and raise essential funds through this "Do It Yourself" DIY campaign.

1 DAY can change the life of a homeless teenager. 

We know through experience teenagers on the streets will have to sell their body to survive. We know they will be introduced to drugs and crime and a lifestyle that will continue to spiral out of control.

That all changes when ordinary people step in to offer life, hope and an opportunity!

By joining the Great American Sleep Out you will be at the forefront of Georgia's  fight against homelessness and raising awareness and funds to tackle the issue in our city.

While the Sleep Out involves spending a night under the stars, it is not about pretending to be homeless.  Sleeping out will give you a tiny insight into the reality of having no place to call home. And having no other choices that are safe.


Learn to communicate this campaign to family, friends, coworkers, church members and your social media friends.


To unite volunteers, activists, corporations, groups and churches to support the mission and help wipe out homelessness in Georgia.


To see the end of teenage homelessness in Georgia and offer empowerment through advocacy, education, life skills

interventions, counseling,  employment and housing.


Since 1997,  Anita Lane has been a homeless activist empowering the lives of any homeless person willing to want change.  Anita has dedicated her life to developing programs, schools and employment opportunities to make lasting life changes for homeless teens and their babies.  ALM is a Christian nonprofit organization that operates as a humanitarian organization for social change.

More than 4,000 teenagers are homeless in Atlanta on any given night. And we believe those numbers are lower that reality, regardless of the number, one is to many!

Your participation in the Great American Sleep Out is an act of SOLIDARITY. 


Homeless Teens will get a new chance at life, because of YOU!


Consider your Sleep OutCategory:

Individual or Group

Consider your sleep out location:

Your driveway, your backyard,

your company parking lot, your church, Jars of Clay Shelter or any other safe sleep place.

Consider your Sleep Out Preference:

Your vehicle (not a camper), a tent, a cardboard box, sleeping bag, or something more creative.

Consider your Sleep Out Date: pick any day of the year! Rain or shine. The sooner the better!

SIGN UP ONLINE, pay a $35 participation  fee and attach a picture.  A GASO Staff Member will contact you with your sign in credentials and materials. 

Tell everyone in your social circle that you are a Great American Sleep Out Participant and you are raising essential funds to bring a homeless teen inside, while you sleep outside.

Consider a Fundraising Goal. Your "Essential Funds" could be as little as $100 or much more! 

The more you raise the more "safe beds" and services we can offer to homeless teenagers.

Humanitarian Awards are given to Sleepers that raise $550 or more. 


Your goal is to sleep outside from 6pm to 6 am. It's just that simple! 



12 hours

Where you Sleep Out is completely up to you! You can sleep at our shelter, you can sleep in your driveway, you can sleep in your backyard, or at your church, you can sleep at your company, (you must sleep safely).  YOU JUST CAN NOT SLEEP IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME OR IN THE WARMTH OF YOUR BEDWhat you sleep in is completely up to you! you can sleep in your car, in a tent, in a cardboard box, in a sleeping bag or something a little more creative! What you Sleep in is completely up to you.  And how you fundraise is completely up to you too!

Your Sleep in Participation Fee is $35 and you are required to get others (friends, family, co-workers, church members and social media friends) to support you as you raise essential funds to end homelessness in Georgia.